Job satisfaction and employee engagement are both difficult things to obtain, as each employee responds to a different style of learning, management and structure.

It has been reported that 88% of employees aren’t passionate about their work. That’s a shocking number, right?

On top of that, 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth and 69% of employees said they would work harder if there efforts were appreciated.

The real question is, how can this issue be solved in the modern workplace?

In our eyes, it’s simple. Keeping your employees engaged means you, the employer, the business, need to engage with your staff.


Here are the five top things managers can do to keep employees engaged:


Give your team incentives: Not only does this encourage healthy competition in your team, but it also ensures that each minute of the day is productive if there is something to work towards. Whether it’s drinks on you after work, an early finish (or if you’re feeling really generous, a team dinner or night out) your employees will feel a lot more motivated to ‘get the job done’. It also allows top performers to shine through and feel valued for their hard work. On the flip side, it also helps you to figure out who is struggling/disengaged with the job. This will allow you to target issues further and retain more staff. Rectifying these issues will not only improve the team, but will generate a positive mental attitude for all.

Ensure the right training is implemented from day one: If on-boarding new members of staff, it’s essential to have them engaged from the moment they walk through the door. Having designated individuals that induct new staff as well as train them will give them the right tools to be successful within the business. It will also demonstrate to employees that there is structure and organisation within the company and reduce the level of errors. Ensuring that staff are trained correctly will also contribute to organic business growth, as staff will develop quicker and therefore be able to progress to senior levels within the business seamlessly.

Recognise top performers: Although this technically comes under the bracket of providing incentives for staff, recognising top performers within the business will also improve your employee engagement.

Monetary incentives for top performers such as bonuses or exclusive trips will encourage these top achievers to aim even higher. It also sets the bar for other employees!

Recognising top performers will also gain them more respect within the business, as it is based on meritocracy rather than office politics. This means that when these individuals progress higher in the career ladder, it is based on performance rather than length of service.

Have an ‘open door’ policy: Have you ever felt like you were ‘just a number’ in a company? Everybody has been there. Not only does it make you feel pretty bad about yourself, but it is also extremely demotivating when you feel that your voice isn’t heard. Introducing an ‘open door policy’ even if this is a team lunch or one-to-one session for 15 minutes of the day can help you to alleviate queries and also concerns from your perspective, and also the employees perspective. It will help the business grow, it will make the employee feel valued, and it will help you grow and develop as a manager.

Lead by example: Never ask your employees to do something that you personally wouldn’t do. Leading by example shows your employees most importantly how the job is done, but it also makes them feel like they have a mentor as well as a manager. Barking orders will never motivate your staff, instead, lead by example and the rest will follow. It will make you a ‘Leader’ rather than just their ‘Boss’.

What else do you think is important for employee engagement? Comment below or tweet us @BarringtonJames – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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