The associates team at Barrington James focus on purely candidate sourcing for key roles in the Life Science space. They play a vital part in our business and are predominantly made up of trainee recruiters who have either joined us straight from college or higher education.

The individuals in this team are looking to develop themselves in a 180 focused position before progressing to our 360 academy where they will get the opportunity to get involved in business development.

Dom joined us in August 2017 after finishing college at The Weald. With no previous sales experience and with Barrington James being his first full time job, he is a key example of someone who came in to our business and ‘hit the ground running’ making his first placement with us in his 6th week.

Read below as to what his experience has been like working a junior role in our business.

What prompted you to get into recruitment?

“Initially there were 2 very clear reasons which prompted me to get into recruitment. Opportunity and the money.

Opportunity – It was very refreshing having taken the decision not to go for the conventional University route that a career in recruitment would be able to offer a teenager coming fresh out of college the opportunity to work hard at something. I had the opportunity to be successful in an area which I had no previous experience. Being given the chance to learn new skills, work with like-minded people and be recognised for success was definitely an attraction.

Money – Joining Barrington James straight from college and it being my first ‘proper job’ I hadn’t previously experienced a salary. However given my mindset and determination of always wanting to earn as much money as possible I wanted to pursue a career which would allow me to do this. Hearing about guys my age or slightly older than me earning annual salaries of over £100k, driving nice cars and buying houses it was a no brainer.

What is your role at Barrington James? 

I currently work as an ‘Associate Consultant’ within the Associates team at Barrington James. This is a 180 position purely focusing on the candidate side of recruitment. This allows me to build up my desk and network within various markets before specialising in a particular vertical.

This is pivotal to my personal development within recruitment. This is because I joined the company with no previous sales experience, therefore working in this role initially takes the added work of Business Development and running a 360 desk off my mind – allowing me to nail 180 recruitment, building an excellent network of candidates before transitioning into a 360 position when I am ready to do so. This is highly beneficial to someone joining at my level because recruitment is hard work and an incredibly steep learning curve for someone who hasn’t previously worked in sales.

The Associates team also contribute largely to the business. This is because the team doesn’t do Business Development and we therefore work on vacancies that other consultants within the company have brought in – and because of the high-calibre consultants on the floor they pass vacancies over to the team. This allows the company to continue working on various positions for clients that Barrington James might not have the capacity to do – helping to maintain client relationships.

What attracted you to this type of position initially?

There were 3 things that attracted me to this position. Career progression, personal development and the competition.

Career Progression – There is a very clear career path coming in at this level. This is something that’s very attractive to me as I have always pushed myself to do the best I can and working in a position where career progression isn’t based off of age or time spent with the company but based off success – it’s in my own hands!

Personal Development – Recruitment is a difficult job, there is no doubt about that. The nature of the job means you need to work hard to see results. This is aided by some of the best mentoring and training at Barrington James – being able to work for a company that is prepared to invest in teenagers is rare. I’m constantly learning every single day which derives from working with and simply listening to some of the best consultants on the sales floor. To date, since entering the crazy world of recruitment this has been my strongest period of personal development, allowing me to evolve a business savvy mind and focus on taking my life forward at such a young age.

Competition – Personally I hate losing and will always drive to be the best. This is something that has always flowed through my blood from a very young age. Recruitment is competitive and the best earn the most, receive the best awards and are recognised for this. Therefore joining a company which have this instilled in their culture was a huge attraction.

What has your experience been like at BJ so far? 

I’ll be honest, it’s been the steepest learning curve of my life. Coming straight from college where I was doing 2-6 hour days to working full time hours in a targeted environment was a difficult transition at first. There are HUGE amounts to learn. I have been with the company for 7 months now and have already experienced small amounts of this success with lots more to come – I have been for lunches with my Director and Manager, team nights out in London and have earned my first ever commission pay cheque. It’s also refreshing to work with such like-minded people who make me laugh everyday and have made my time at Barrington James that bit better.  I also love the lifestyle – work hard during the week and enjoy the weekends.

What do you think makes a great recruiter?

This is simple;

  • Prepared to work hard and commit to the cause
  • Able to take rejection and bounce back from it
  • Ability to listen and implement feedback
  • Not being scared to fail

Personally the best advice to someone coming into recruitment at my level is to ‘just do it’ whether you might initially fail or get it wrong, you will learn and it will make you a better recruiter.

Best part of your recruitment career so far?

Ringing the bell in my first 6 weeks (getting my first offer) was a pretty good feeling. This is also on par with breaking my team record for the most booked deals in anyone’s first 3 months at the business. Being nominated as a ‘future superstar of Barrington James’ after just 4 months at the company was a great feeling too.

Being taken on 2 team nights out, the weekly gin & tonics, lunches out and the Christmas party have also been pretty good bonuses just for doing my job. Even better when it’s a free bar….

What have your struggles been?

It’s a roller coaster of emotions. Coping with the downs is difficult and it can sometimes seem hard to see past certain aspects. However, an hour/day/week can go from the worst to the best in a few seconds and if you remain positive you will always see past the most difficult periods.

What’s the next step for you at BJ?

2018 is a massive year for me and I have set myself ambitious goals. My next step is promotion into a 360 position, giving me greater exposure to working with clients and the opportunity to earn some huge pay cheques!”


We are currently hiring for our associates team in Horley, Surrey. If you are an individual who is looking to get in to recruitment but have no previous sales experience, get in contact today: | 01293 776644

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